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This is a free and simple but very powerful and useful IP subnet calculator online. Simply fill the required fields and all calculations will be done immediately. You should have Javascript enabled to use this widget, so if it’s not working for you, please check your browser’s settings for this option.

javascript subnet calculator

The funny thing about a JavaScript Subnet Calculator is that JavaScript integers are only 16 bit. In order to do easy bit shifting you need 32 bit integers. This code weaves it's way through that issue by storing IP address octets in arrays with 4 integers.

You can use CIDR Netmask in the Network IP field (eg: Change the network class, network IP, subnet mask, or number of hosts to trigger calculations. This code does work on most browsers including FireFox, Safari, iPhone, iTouch, Android, Blackberry and even IE.

Class A B C
Network IP
Subnet Mask
Wildcard Mask
Mask Bits
Subnet ID

If you nees to see what your IP is, you can use our online widget for this purpose here: Whats my IP .

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