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Scientific Calculator Online

This is one very nice and very functional online scientific calculator.

Using the Scientific Calculator

First of all, this is a javascript tool, so you need to enable javascript to use the scientific calculator. You can do this in your browser’s settings.

The best way to see how this widget works is to just play with it. If you still have some questions, you could check the following points:

1. You need only a mouse to use thins scientific calculator, just click on the needed buttons on the calculator’s keypad and make the calculations you need.

2. You can use more than 25 different mathematical functions, to see all, just click on the “shift” button.

3. You can make copy/paste operations in the input/results field of the calculator. Simply use the buttons for this purpose. “Ctrl + C” and “Ctrl + V” combinations should also work.

4. There is no limitation of the number of digits, that can be used for scientific calculation. However, using more than 50 may cause some instability for some operations. Also you should not be afraid from numbers like this: 9e+31

5. You can use brackets. You won’t see them (you need some imagination), but they will be considered in calculations.

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Chinese Gender Predictor

What will the gender of your unborn baby be? Well, this thing can not be guessed for sure, especially with an online tool, but we can give you a good suggestion about that. This tool below is a Chinese gender predictor, which has proved to have higher than average accuracy. Those Chinese…, ahhh… I don’t really know how they do it, but I know that this tool uses the Chinese lunar calendar to guess if your baby is a girl or a boy. For further instructions, please look below.

There is not much data needed from you, just fill the two required fields and press the button below to see this calculator’s prediction. If you don’t know your conception month, you can use our conception date calculator.

That’s it! Please share if we guessed right later 😉 :) .

Gold Price Per Gram

The price of gold and silver is usually measured in troy ounces, but in many cases we may need the price of gold per gram. Some countries don’t use onces at all. Here is a nice chart, where you can get live gold quotes per gram. There are five lines for different purities (karats) of the precious metal.

Price Of Gold Per Gram

These prices are updated every 15 minutes nad to refresh them, you need to reload the page. In the second column you can see a forecast for the price, which is just a forecast and not an investment advice. If you like this widget, you can shaer it, or just get it.

The Distance Formula (Between Two Points)

This is nice and easy to use tool, that can show you the distance between any two points on a plane (Cartesian coodinate system), if you know the coordinates of these points.

How To Use It

For example if you have point A (2;5) and point B (3;10), you simply need to type in these coordinates into the appropriate fields and click the button to see, that the ditance – 5.0990195135927845 .

Distance Calculator

Calculate the distance from point A to point B
Point A Point B
(xA, yA) (xB, yB)

By the way, the calculation this widget works with is relatively simple and it’s worth knowing it.

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How to Find the Area of a Circle

This is one simple but really useful tool, that will help you find some of the basic measures of any circle. In fact, the only thing you need to know to solve any circle is its radius / diameter. This would be totally enough, to find anything for such a figure. To do this, you need ot use some standart formulas, which can be found everywhere over the Internet. But the matter of this article is to share with you a circle calculator, so lets get back to this:


Just enter one of the measures in the calculator and press the “Solve” button next to the field to find the other measures. It’s a simple tool and you are not supposed to have any big issues with it, if I installed it properly ;)… This tool is written by a guy named Chris Brown, who allows anyone to freely use his code and place this tool on a site.

IP Calculator – Subnet

This is a free and simple but very powerful and useful IP subnet calculator online. Simply fill the required fields and all calculations will be done immediately. You should have Javascript enabled to use this widget, so if it’s not working for you, please check your browser’s settings for this option.

javascript subnet calculator

The funny thing about a JavaScript Subnet Calculator is that JavaScript integers are only 16 bit. In order to do easy bit shifting you need 32 bit integers. This code weaves it's way through that issue by storing IP address octets in arrays with 4 integers.

You can use CIDR Netmask in the Network IP field (eg: Change the network class, network IP, subnet mask, or number of hosts to trigger calculations. This code does work on most browsers including FireFox, Safari, iPhone, iTouch, Android, Blackberry and even IE.

Class A B C
Network IP
Subnet Mask
Wildcard Mask
Mask Bits
Subnet ID

If you nees to see what your IP is, you can use our online widget for this purpose here: Whats my IP .

Whats My IP

Have you ever wondered what your computer’s IP address is? This is the network address of your PC and it is used and needed for many different purposes. Although there are many scripts out there that can show you this information, here is another good one. On this page you should be able to see some interesting information not only about your computers’s addres, but also about your physical location, your country your browser and operating system and so on. You can even see you Internet service provider’s (ISP) name. How to use it? Just open this page from the computer you need information about and it will be displayed. That’s it! If you like this IP widget, please vote for us on the social networking sites.

Whats My IP Address

Your IP Address is:

You computer's full network address is:

Information about your browser:

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Internet Provider:

You are coming from:
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